Woo Hoo! Happy Birthday to my lovely blog, its been a year since I've started this piece of absolute crap. Actually, I'm joking. But to bring everyone up to speed I still don't have my permit and yip dee dee I have braces. I look like a nutcase in my school as I'm probably the only 16 year old there with braces but it dosn't really bother me much. In other news yesterday was awesome. I went with Amanda J. to see "Tristan & Isolde" (chick flick I know) and later we ate at "Capri's" and walked around the plaza where we proceeded to talk about my lack of a prom date for 3 hours. Trust me it was fun. Now I must actually start my Lit. speech project so its finished by tomorrow when Amanda and Christine come over. Not that we'll actually be practicing much.

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