Everybody wish Cremey (my cat) a happy birthday. She's eight years old. My god she's middle aged. He he! Anywho nothing much is happening. my blog underwent a huge overhaul and I changed the layout to this wonderful one from simple-graphix.de. On another note I,ve been working my arse off doing homework all weekend. Oh well it must be done. Oh and Amanda J I know that you are a Slytherin (just look at your aim screenname) in fact you are definently a Slytherin. Though I'm not a Slytherin to the extent that you are, the house that I fit into most in the Harry Potter series is definently Slytherin. And you know for a fact that I am not humble enough to be in Hufflepuff.

Sorry for the rant I just dont have anything better to talk about.

Thus the story was written at 10:08 AM

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