Alrighty, desperate times call for desperate measures. In case you don't know, it's actually me, Deagz, writing this. I'm just so freakin' tired of seeing the same old post that I got megan's password off of her and am just gonna post myself. I should be putting all of this stuff on my blog, but what the hell. Anyways, I'm gonna start off with quotes. Megan, or should I say I said some pretty stupid yet funny things today. I don't feel like putting them in a paragraph so I think I'll just list them:

1. "Are we playing pic-pic in Span-Span?"
2. "I'm glad I'm a little girl!"
3. (In Chinese accent) "Fiv hundra dolla!"
4. (In really bad British accent, imitating the guy on that VH1 show) "They're filthy rich, so they're better than you." and also: "Remember, you suck!"
5. (condensed version of a conversation) "My master plan is to marry Prince William and own all of the salt in the world."
6. "I'm Fabio! I'm Fabio!"
7. "They should just put me into a mental institution."

Well said, Megz. Oh yeah, Megan and I, Deagz, discovered that on weekends we often watch the exact same movies and shows at the same time. I'm not sure if we both saw all of these, but most of them we did:

1. the VH1 show about London
2. Bubble Boy
3. Braveheart
4. Dogma
5. Ever After
6. She Gets What She Wants
7. Extreme Fakeover

Yeah, so there was nothing really worthwhile to watch on T.V. this weekend, but there was at least some entertainment. I also watched a very interesting documentary on Ted Bundy on Sunday. I also watched CSI cuz and it's now my new favorite T.V. obsession when I'm not watching VH1. Um...yeah...I really should get working on my sketch for art class, considering it's due tomorrow, but that class is about as worthwhile as going to a teapot convention. OMG I forgot to write about Lit. Class. Megz, I know you weren't there and this is your blog, but whatever. We were talking about the deepest layer of hell in Dante's Inferno and how Aleicia (we're on like 950 on the list, by the way) would be there with Lucifer. Smeagz and I talked about how she would try to flirt her way out of damnation and how since she's committed all 7 of the 7 deadly sins, she would have to alternate between levels.
Wow, this post is getting really long! I guess this would be a record for your post, Megz, so I need not go on. I have tons of crap to do, so I think I'll end here. Sayonara!

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