I have really nothing to post on so this will certainly be short. Christine your layout is very morbid but in an odd way it reminds me of you. Oh yeah and on your Cyrano de Bergerac list you forgot to add the pickles...I'm confused...you forgot to mention my humongous nose.

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Here's a story about a strawberry poison arrow dart frog named Chaw. Chaw lived in the rainforest and always had adventures with her friend Nationwoid, a purple ocelot. Nationwoid loved the jaguar named Wholesale Grain. Wholesale Grain lusted after Chaw and locked her in his apartment to try to harm her. So Chaw grabbed some poison off of her back and threw it at Wholesale Grain. Wholesale Grain was alive but shocked so he let Chaw go. He was about to be eaten by a wildebeast while in jail under the Amazon River but found redemption through Nationwoid's love. It all goes to show you that in America you eat celery, in Soviet Russia celery eats you.

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I know this is random but here's a list of the ten cities where I'd like to someday live.

1. Prague
2. St. Petersburg
3. Moscow
4. Paris
5. Florence
6. Venice
7. Rome
8. Meganland (just kidding)
9. Budapest
10. Sydney

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Not much to post on but I did steal a quiz from Amanda B's Blog.
Mwa ha ha!!!


The Goddess of Stars and Hate. You are an
independent leader. Always reflecting and
pondering, you carry an air of mystery and you
are exceptionally vengeful. You are a dazzling

Which gorgeous goddess are you? For girls! (breath taking pics!)
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I've finally come to the realization that I have no life. It took me long enough. I mean my days consist of going to school, fighting with "Tuls", talking to my pals and going home. Then theres the weekends where all I do is consume mass amounts of junk food while watching cartoons. I never said thats a bad thing its good fun, right up there with being bubbly all the time. Well all that I have to add is a memorable quote from "Tuls".

"Pardon madame, you're calling me the fool?"

Since when am I married?

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