I went to the mall yesterday with Amanda J, and Aleicia, my worst female enemy. I almost tried to get along with her for a little bit but it was kinda hard because she kept picking out FUGLY clothes. Seriously, who buys lingerie at Dots? NO ONE! Except Aleicia, of course. She also shops in B Moss. THAT'S A FRICKIN GRANDMA STORE!!!! The clothes are ugly. She spent $6 on an ugly scarf that looked so tacky I almost puked. And then she was checking out these really ugly guys. She thought they were so hot and she had a chance with them. One of them had a kid! HELLO! How can you think three older men will be attracted to you when you have a huge Subway sandwich in your mouth?! Then she yelled at me for looking back at them when they were facing the opposite direction. So I did it some more, just to aggravate her. It worked. When I looked back, she criticized my "flirting techniques". Then she was jealous because she went to Gardener's and Amanda and I went to Bon Ton and we saw them outside of the store. WHO BUYS LINGERIE AT DOTS??!!

Thus the story was written at 3:12 PM

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