I took my Biology test today, though I really don't know how I did on it considering I was done in ten minutes. Luckily we have a notebook check in Geometry tomorrow so no homework.


Thus the story was written at 4:20 PM

I played the Orisinal games for three hours this morning mainly, A Daily Cup of Tea ,so I feel very relaxed and happy right now. Those games have the strange ability to always make me happy, and keep me occupied. This is a very short entry but its not like that matters.

Thus the story was written at 4:52 PM

I went to see Phantom of the Opera last night with Christine and Amanda J, and watched Mulan earlier today. Phantom of the Opera made me cry a record three times and in the end I was infuriated at the guy Christine picked. Mulan is a great movie and I shall even go as far as saying Mulan is tied with Belle for the spot as my favorite disney princess.
Amanda B just broke up with her boyfriend last night and as she is most definently the most melodramatic of my friends she's having having quite the time getting through it. I never had a hard time breaking up with a boy but then again I never actually fell in love with anyone, and when Amanda falls she falls hard.

Thus the story was written at 8:14 PM

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